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Kayes Friends is a Community Interest Company established by Dorothy in 2009 after the death of her daughter Kaye who had Downs Syndrome.

Our mission is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of children and young people with Downs Syndrome and other disabilities.

Our Aims

To reduce the number of children and young people falling through the net.

To provide advice guidance and information to parents of children with a disability. Thus, developing greater self-awareness, greater access to leisure activities, and taking control over their own environment

Where necessary to advocate with and on behalf of parents ensuring that the 1980 Education Act, 1986 – The Disabled Persons Act, 2001 – The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act, and countless others do not remain lip service to our cause but are purposeful for our needs.

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Purchase our Book

The book was born out of the death of our precious daughter Kaye. Kaye lived a remarkable life and was an inspiration to many (none more so than I) what greater tribute then, than to continue that inspiration through her autobiography.

Kaye Having Downs Syndrome is Not an Obstacle: 1 in every 1.000 babies are born

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