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Kaye’s Friends Be Proud Awards


The Be Proud Awards gives recognition to outstanding young people, aged 11-25 with a disability, who have overcome barriers, and participate in their community, thus improving their lives and the life of others. Our awards encourage these exceptional young people to break down barriers/stereotypes and become role models for others. Similarly HR Sports Academy present awards to participants in their sporting and educational programmes. 

The awards take place annually in plush surroundings echoing the value we place on our nominees and participants. Our first award was supported by Joyce O’Hajar from ITN 6 o’clock News since then we had a host of individuals from across several industries presenting our Awards.

Nominating someone is easy, go online and fill in the nomination form, email us to have a form sent to you, or call us.

Kaye Hall Trust Fund

Whilst Kaye’s Friends was established to support individuals daily the Kaye Hall Trust Fund was established to support organisations working with young people to develop their independence and supporting them to access all areas of their community. Through supporting other organisations by way of yearly grants, the Kaye Hall Trust Fund has reached thousands of young people and is committed to continuing to reach out to new organisations. Kaye Hall Trust Fund is managed by the London Community Foundation.

Please email Dorothy at or complete our online form, and tell us how you work with children and young people with a disability.


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